Let’s have some fun with this Rock and Roll History Lesson.  Just like "American Pie" and "Life is A Rock," this song features plenty of musical references. 


You will find all sorts of musical references in this song.  From names, songs, phrases, instrumentation, etc… there are plenty to be found.  The writer of the song lists well over 75 references he purposely made when writing this song.  How many can you find?


Each entry will be matched up against the official list and the person who has captured the most references will be the winner. 


The contest will open on July 31 - the Official Release Date for the Song. 


The rules are:

  • Identify musical references in the song, Let’s Rock and Roll, written by David Norcross


  • A musical reference is any reference to music in general and isn’t necessarily about Rock and Roll. The references can be any of the following but it is not limited to just this list.


      • Band Name
      • Person’s Name
      • Song Title
      • Song Topics
      • Music Styles
      • Instrumentation


  • In case of a tie, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner.


  • There is only one winner for this contest. The Contest has been extended. We will keep it going a little while longer.


  • The contest is open to US Residents only. (unless you are Rocket Queen from the Cocktail Slippers!)


  • The winner will be determined by the number of correct answers compared to the author’s list of references.  These will be published after the contest has concluded. 


  • References are at the sole discretion of the author.


  • Prizes are at the sole discretion of The Social Lubricators.


GOOD LUCK... email us with your answers or if you have any questions... thanks... see you soon!