About the Songs

Here's a little information about the songs on the album. To give you a little hint about the songs. 

Not in any particular order. 

Walk By (A loser's lament)

 “Give me one more chance to show I really love you” the singer pleads to the girl that is too busy with her new life to pay any attention to the lament of this loser. A confessional in the tradition of Midnight Confessions.  Will the singer be forever stuck in this song? - "Now it's misery inside this song..."

The Lady of the Floor (A disco delight)

Disco is not dead.  It is alive and kicking in this song from the band saluting the wonderful age of disco.  The patented (almost) contest of who is the ultimate Lady of the Floor will soon be sweeping the nation as the ladies dance, dance, dance. Rules?  Come on out to our show and we will explain everything. "Every night she's out there..."

Dumpy Glory (A weighty tale)

When Bill brought a set of lyrics about, shall we say, appreciation, for dumpiness, who would have thought it would have turned out to be such a fun song?  Catchy lyrics, catchy tune and so much fun to dance to.  You will love it as much as I love my Dumpy Glory, hangin' over my belt!

Let’s Rock and Roll (A Homage to Rock and Roll)

In the spirit of two great songs, Life is a Rock and American Pie, this tunes takes you on a history tour of the world of Rock and Roll all while providing the listener with rollicking good time.  Click on the link to our contest pertaining to this song.  It might be worth it. "School is out, surfin's in..."

 My Cowgirl Princess (A cowboy's dream)

What Texas band would do an album without a country tune?  Ok, plenty I know but here’s one for fun anyway.  It's a song about a girl in Texas.  I know, right? Enjoy. She stimulates my senses.

You Ain’t Got No Woman Left (A sad tale of sadness and realization)

This haunting tune brings the world of darkness to the forefront as the singer addresses the fallen beauty queen.  You know the one that we all expected always to be at the top.  Somewhere other than where she ended up.  Perhaps this is the story of the woman from the first song or perhaps the singer has switched places and this is really about himself?  Who knows what goes on in the minds of The Social Lubricators? "Now our trophy's tarnished with so many whys..."

 My Rocket Queen (A stalker's Ode)

Indulge The Social Lubricators with an ode to the always fabulous, always beautiful, Rocket Queen* from the Cocktail Slippers®. It was only a matter of time.  Can it get any creepier than this? Yes, just wait for the video.  "Unwrapped incarnadine?"


*Cocktail Slippers – You should visit www.cocktailslippers.com and enjoy this exceptional band!


All songs written by David Norcross except Dumpy Glory - Words flowed from Bill Bateman after a conversation with his wife about the wonderful topic of dumpy gloriness...