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Andy Billings for Texas Music Beat – I recently sat down with David Norcross of The Social Lubricators to discuss the band’s debut release, “More Love.”  The interview took place at Brick House so there were a lot of interruptions.    ” - Andy Billings

— Texas Music Beat

Andy Billings: Well, here we are a few years (2008) since our last official interview but you still look the same. 

David Norcross: You too, man.  It’s good to see you again. 

AB: Well the last time we did this was to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Lucid Dreamer.  Since then you’ve continued with several of the projects you had going then and it looks like you’ve got a couple of new ones with The Social Lubricators the hot one right now. 

DN: Yeah, I still have a few irons in the fire but getting More Love completed and out is at the top of the list. 

AB: The release date is coming up.  It’s July 31, which is right around the corner. 

DN: July 31 is the expected drop.  We are trying to finalize all the stuff that goes with it and get our release party scheduled too. 

AB: You’ve got… (Tracy just stopped by to take our order)…you’ve got 7 songs on the album, one that was written some time ago and one that was co-written with Bill from Silver Rail and A6.   

DN: Cowgirl Princess was written back in 2000ish.  I did a demo for it but we never did anything with it until now.  As for Dumpy Glory, Bill’s wife Traci gets the credit for the title, Bill’s sense of humor gets the credit for the lyrics.  It’s such a fun song to play and dance to as well. 

AB: There’s also a contest associated with a song. 

DN: That would be Let’s Rock and Roll.  As the liner notes tell you, it’s a musical history lesson.  I think I ended up with over 70 musical references in the song.  Some of them are really easy and then there are some that you need to think like me to get but all in all it’s not a bad little rock and roll song. 

AB: What kind of references are there?  Can you give a few hints? 

DN: Sure.  All kinds of references.  Rock, country, pop and culture references are in the song.  Names like Berry (Chuck), Elvis, Kiss, Queen are the easy ones.  Dances and song references like A Whole Lotta Shakin are in there.  Then you get to a few that you need to think about.  The fun thing about this one is that it’s about Rock and Roll and it is a rock and roll song.  I really like what Zach did with the solo in the song and then keeping my secret hidden during the outro solo. 

AB:  For those playing along, you can go to the band’s website to get all the details. 

(Pause for an interruption from the various servers…) 

AB: You open the album with Walk By. 

DN: This one is what I call the loser’s lament.  This one is in the same vein as the great song by The Grassroots, Midnight Confessions. 

AM: You’ve got some really good lyrics in this song, like the line that says the singer’s in misery inside the song. 

DN:  This is one that I really wanted to convey the message about this guy that missed an opportunity with a girl and now he must not only endure the fact that he lost her but apparently he has to work with her and see her every day. 

AB: You subtitle The Lady of the Floor as a disco delight.  Why? 

DN: Well, it’s disco you see.  When we were thinking about songs to do in Silver Rail, we always were doing the standard disco stuff but didn’t have an original disco song.  So, I thought what if we not only had a disco song but one that you could use as a contest of sorts, getting all the women on the dance floor and seeing who the crowd thought was the best dancer.  It didn’t materialize during that time but as The Social Lubricators began working on More Love, we decided to finish it up and record it.  We will be using it at our shows. 

(Food has been brought to the table.  I’ve opted for the House Cheeseburger.  David is having Chicken Strips.  Just in case you are interested.) 

AB: Let’s talk about You Ain’t got No Woman Left. This is an interesting song.  Another one with some heavy lyrics.  Where did this one come from? 

DN: It’s a story about a woman that was supposed to be the one.  You know the one that was supposed to be the one.  The homecoming queen or beauty queen is always considered to be the catch of the class.   But as life goes, sometimes things don’t work out as expected and this is the story of one of those unexpected times. 

AB: And just guitar, vocals, keys and whistling. 

DN: That’s Billy’s (Billy Herzig) doing.  He put a nice keyboard part in there and took my whistling part and disbursed it throughout the song.  That’s what we liked about working with Billy.  His experience was invaluable. 

AB: Billy has been around and knows his stuff. 

DN:  He was always bringing ideas to the table but he never overstepped his role.  He’s got a great sense of humor as well. 

AB:  The album closes with a…let’s face it… a creepy, stalker song about Rocket Queen from the Norwegian band, Cocktail Slippers.  What’s up with that? 

DN: It started as a conversation with Bobby (Combs) one day.  Just about my obsession with the Cocktail Slippers. So I thought why not write a song about this guy who is really smitten with Rocket and just make it as creepy as possible but at the same time entertaining and something that would make a funny video. 

AB:  You reference several Cocktail Slippers songs in this one. 

DN: Lyrically, I was trying to be very careful about it.  I thought by using Cocktail Slipper references it would really drive home how obsessed this guy is with the band and Rocket and how creepy this guy is. 

AB: I think it will get you in trouble.   (Refill time.) 

AB: The album design, the cover art particularly is interesting.  How did that come about? 

DN: Glynda and I were up in Seattle last year.  We went to the gum wall and I just thought that the right picture would make a great album cover.  When I was going through them, I ran across the one that had the words More Love spelled out in gum. It was the one we liked best. 

AB: You don’t have a song called More Love for the album? 

DN: Nope.  We tried to come up with something but it never materialized. 
(Tracy brings our desserts.) 

AB: Speaking of the Brick House Girls, that track was supposed to be on this album but it’s not.  Why is that? 

DN: It was going to be but after we came up with Red & Company, we decided to make a single release with Brick House Girls as the A side and Red as the flip side. 

AB: And then you are working on the next album as well. 

DN: You know from the years we’ve been doing this that I’ve got a ton of material that I’ve been working on and Bill had a set of lyrics called The Fence that we didn’t get to for More Love so we are getting those songs in order for the next album.  You’ll hear some of them at a Social Lubricator show. 

AB: Well, as usual, it was fun talking with you and getting the latest scoop on your activities.   Any parting words? 

DN: Visit for all the details.