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Andy Billings for Texas Music Beat – I recently sat down with David Norcross of The Social Lubricators to discuss the band’s latest activities.” - Andy Billings

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 Andy Billings Texas Music Beat  - I recently sat down, virtually, with David Norcross of the Social Lubricators recently to check in with the band and see what's going on with the band, especially during these uncertain times.  

Andy Billings:     Hi David.  Last time we spoke you guys were releasing your debut album, “More Love.”  How did that go? 

David Norcross:  It went great.  Lot’s of positive reaction to the songs and such. 

AB:                       And the band released an single, I guess at the start of the COVID stuff, “Brick House Girls” and “Red &                                      Company.” 

DN:                      Yes – we had that on the schedule for a while but it turned out to be better timing since we were able to                                      record our good friend, Sekine-san’s guitar part and add it to the list. 

AB:                       The Japanese Folk Song.  Interesting little ditty. 

DN:                      It was perfect for the video segment, where our hero is dreaming a peaceful dream, with that guitar part                                     playing. It was perfect. 

AB:                       Now you all have been sequestered for most of the year.  What have you been doing since gigs have not been                              happening? 

DN:                      Like most bands we’ve just been practicing when we can.  We’ve got most of the material for our next release                             written and just about ready to record. I think we’ve got 15 songs we are looking at and we will trim that                                     down as the project moves forward. 

AB:                       And that’s “What’s Wrong With You?”  What can we expect on this release? 

DN:                      Yep.  We’ve got two instrumentals that will open and close the album.  In between, you’re going to get some                                rockers and a few singer/songwriter songs.  We are finally going to get around to recording one that Jeff                                      Norrod and I wrote back in the early 80’s, “Who Cares.” I’m excited to get that one done.  There’s the next                                  installment to the trilogy, “Somewhere Out There,” which we started back with “You Ain’t Got No Woman                                    Left.” We’ve got another one from Bill and myself, “The Fence,” that we never recorded with After Six, so we                                are going to do that one and Jim’s got one that we started looking at not too long ago that we will add if we                                get it sorted out.  Not sure about any country type tunes on this album.  Got a couple we are looking at but                                  no  definitive answer yet.  As for release date, I would think it will be a couple of months – so an April/May                                  release.  We might do a single prior to the album, but that’s not been determined. 

AB:                       So, you mentioned Bill and Jim?  What’s up with the personnel? 

DN:                      Well, currently we have, Troy on Drums, Robert on Guitar, Jim on Guitar and Lead Vocals.  Bill’s moved on to                                some other projects, so we are currently looking for a lead guitarist at the moment.  For recording we don’t                                need to have someone else, Jim, Robert and I can take care of the lead parts if we don’t find someone. 

AB:                       So, what can we expect from the band at its next show? 

DN:                      I’m not really sure. It’s going to depend what the gig is and what venue we are playing.  But suffice it to say,                                you will have fun at the show. 

AB:                       Well, we can only hope that it’s soon. 

DN:                      Yep!

AB:                     Well, as usual, it was fun talking with you and getting the latest scoop on your activities.   Any parting words? 

DN:                      Visit for all the details.